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Hi, I'm Alex Cosper. Like most people my life story is very exciting ... at least to me. Also, like most people online, I'm not that rich or famous. But if you were to add up all the millions of dollars I helped the music biz make from the radio airplay I gave artists over the years, or the millions I helped an underdog independent radio make, then it seems more interesting than my writing, music or other work. Then again, writing and creating music are more important to me personally than anything else I've done.

Rise of Alternative Radio is my autobiography of my radio career at alternative station KWOD in Sacramento. It also talks about the alternative revolution throughout the radio industry in the 90s. It includes how I wrote for a radio/music industry magazine called VirtuallyAlternative and working for NFL legend Willie Davis' Milwaukee station WLUM.

When I returned to Sacramento I launched the city's first 24 hour internet radio station, SacLive, which played all local music. Throughout my radio career I helped several local artists in Sacramento (especially Cake) get airplay. In San Francisco I worked at KNGY (Energy 92.7), during a time when I got airplay on another SF station with my project Tangent Sunset. My latest musical project is called the KWODZAP Video Series, which mixes talk and music.

I've written a lot of articles an music and radio history, which you can find at my site Playlist Research, which I launched in 2007. Four years later I launched another site, SacTV, dedicated to my hometown Sacramento. My latest site, launched in 2015, is Nu Pop Culture, which gets deeper into my world view. I now live in San Diego, enjoy the beach and write for many websites. In my spare time I experiment with music and cartoon art.

Alex Cosper
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