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Playlist Research - music and radio industry interviews and information
Illoogle - social commentary, humor and music
Nu Pop Culture - alternative, green, organic, indie lifestyle
SacTV - Sacramento Community Videos & Writing
Tangent Sunset - original music and poetry by Alex Cosper

Hi, I'm Alex Cosper. I helped several recording artists get exposed to hundreds of thousands of people in my radio days as a program director. Now I'm a writer for several websites and I've enjoyed being involved with various multimedia projects over the past few decades. Creating music and informative web pages for my sites Playlist Research, SacTV and Nu Pop Culture are some of my favorite projects.

Rise of Alternative Radio is my autobiography of my radio career at independent station KWOD in Sacramento. It focuses on the alternative revolution throughout the radio industry in the 90s. While at KWOD I recorded several artist interviews. My radio career led to writing for a radio/music industry magazine called VirtuallyAlternative and working for NFL legend Willie Davis' Milwaukee station WLUM.

When I returned to Sacramento I launched the city's first 24 hour internet radio station, SacLive. In San Francisco I worked at KNGY (Energy 92.7), during a time when I got airplay on another SF station with my recording project Tangent Sunset. My latest musical project is called the KWODZAP Video Series, which mixes talk and music.

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