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Hi, I'm Alex Cosper. Like most people my life story is very exciting ... at least to me. Also, like most people online, I'm not that rich or famous. But if you were to add up all the millions of dollars I helped the music biz make from the radio airplay I gave artists over the years, then it seems more interesting.

I've worked for nine radio stations in my career, but the one that still stands out the most was KWOD in my hometown of Sacramento. That's where I got my start out of Sac State in 1984. I gradually worked my way up to become Program Director in 1991. Under my creative leadership, this independent alternative station rose from bottom of the market to top of the rock scene, which I documented in my online book Rise of Alternative Radio.

After KWOD I began writing for a radio/music industry magazine called VirtuallyAlternative. From 1997 to 1998 I worked for Super Bowl legend Willie Davis of the Green Bay Packers, as Operations Manager of his alternative Milwaukee radio station, WLUM, aka New Rock 102.1 at the time.

When I returned to Sacramento I launched the city's first 24 hour internet radio station, SacLive, which played all local music. I had been partial to the local music scene at KWOD, starting the show The Sound of Sacramento. As a local musician myself in the band the Beat Villains, I understood the hopes and dreams of regional artists. SacLive lasted a year before I had a music industry job offer to move to Los Angeles, which actually did not materialize, so I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area instead. That's where I launched the site Tangent Sunset, a recording project with friends that led to airplay on SF radio.

I did a lot of mobile DJ work for weddings at nice wineries in the Napa Wine Country and all over the Bay before landing another radio show, this time at Energy 92.7 in San Francisco from 2004 to 2006. During that time I began researching the history of radio and wrote The Legend of KZAP, which has become one of my most read projects, as it captured the attention of people who remember or wanted to learn about freeform radio in the days when radio stations were much more independent.

Then I moved to the red hot Palm Springs desert in 2006 to program KRCK. But by that time the radio industry had become bizarre, boring and super corporate, as it was no longer about music or culture. It was more about how many commercials you could get away with playing between the souless corporate music, now controlled by a few companies. So I was happy to give up on the radio biz and focus more on freelance writing for websites. In 2007 I moved to San Diego (to enjoy cooler conditions) and built my most successful website, Playlist Research.

Later in 2007 I returned to Sacramento. In 2011 I launched a site dedicated to my hometown, SacTV. At the same time I became a freelance writer for multiple websites and wrote thousands of articles that ranged from business to technology to entertainment. I briefly moved to Reno, Nevada in 2013 then returned to San Diego in 2014.

If I had my choice I would spend my entire days writing and recording songs, my first love. But in order to pay the bills I continue to be a freelance writer while Playlist Research has grown to be a high traffic site that brings me advertising revenue. Ultimately, I enjoy writing because it feeds my brain doing research on a daily basis. I also like creating simple websites full of rich content.

My degree was in Communications, which summarizes everything I've done in media and beyond. Even when I wrote a wealth of content for in 2008, I considered it part of my media experience, as I watched it grow to become a fairly popular site in the solar industry. These days I'm spreading the word as much as possible about healthy lifestyle and environmental concerns with Nu Pop Culture. In time I want to learn as much as possible about multimedia and share my visions for a cleaner, greener, better "nu world." I use the term "nu" to mean everything that relates to forward thinking progress in the 21st century.

Another new creative project that I introduced in 2015 was the KWODZAP Video Series. It was inspired by growing up listening to KZAP and working at KWOD. It features my original music and commentary about what's going on in the world today. In 2015 I also wrote From College To Media about how my college education led to a career in media.

As a writer I have entered the world of selling ebooks and other digital downloads. My first digital products are word documents that contain research links for other writers. Visit my online store at Sellfy to see what's on sale this week.

Alex Cosper
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